Age 33 – (ED) 60 days: My sex life changed dramatically

I almost completed 60 days, tracker was off by two days. I can’t thank you enough for changing my sex life.

I am fapping for the last 18 years, it was not easy to quit porn, it was a habit before sleep I have to see porn and jerk off.

I have a wife and I was struggling to get my dick hard in the last years, a lot of failures in the bed during actual sex, it was not fun and sex making me feel sorry on my self and I ended up depressed for a day or two then I go to porn to jerk off, and moreover, I see all of big guys in porn with their huge dicks make my situation worse then I took all kind of pills while I am still in my late 20s.

I was in deep shit, by accident I found NoFap then my journey started and OMG I am speechless, when I saw the damages that I have done to my self. I was suffering from the below:

1- Erectile dysfunction

2- Brian Fog, really deep one

3- Low testo levels, I am like 60s old man

4- If I get half erection during sex, I will in a race to end up and jerk before I loose it 🙁

5- I can’t do it more than one time during sex, supposing that I can get hard.

I started NoFap, the first month was not good, non of symptoms improve, I avoid sex, get workout and watch my weight.

Then I explode like never before. I become like a stud. I enjoy sex now ! It feels weird that I wasn’t before !

I don’t feel stress now during sex. I can get erection now. I didn’t test my testo level but I feel different. the only remaining thing is brain fog still there maybe it will change.

I am happy with results, I want to thank all of you and share the result with you

LINK – 33 M, I completed 60 days, My sex life changed dramatically

by RossMajed