Age 33 -Married: First time ever I orgasmed from oral sex. I’m finding joy in hobbies, exercise. Mind is clearer.

My story is probably a little different than most.

I masturbated for the first time at 22, yes I made it that long in life without doing it.

I also didn’t really get addicted to it till 23 or 24ish, and it got worse over time.

Basically taking over my life. To the point where id sneak into the bathroom to do it at work.

I tried to quit multiple times, and until last year had only gone for 30 days once.

Last year I kicked it in to high gear, and went for 30 days multiple times, then would fall back into it for a week or so, and then do the 30 day thing again.

This year, I was determined to kick it for good. So I started strong in January, and lasted to the 21st. I spiraled, but not for a super long time. I fapped on the 21st of January and then the 22nd of January, and then never again. The last time I fapped was the 22nd, and those are the only two days I have fapped in 2019!

I turned 33 last month, and am so excited to not be controlled by this any more. It hasn’t always been easy, and when it gets hard I often come here and lurk. I tracked my progress with habbit bull which is an awesome app. I have looked a handful of times at things I should not have, and now I have another tracker for that, separate from this, but even that is getting easier.

Biggest changes I have seen:

  1. I’m no longer wasting as much time. I’m still wasting time so no surf challenge is next.
  2. Potential Trigger warning, do not read if you might struggle, For the first time ever I orgasmed from oral sex. Ive been married for a while and due to penis insensitivity caused by masturbation I could never get off that way, but I did and it was awesome, and my wife loved it!
  3. I’m finding joy in hobbies and exercise and I never did while that was happening.
  4. My mind is definitely clearer and I can think much better

Thanks for all the support that y’all unknowingly gave this lurker! Now to the rest of the time, I’m done with this crap.

LINK – 11 Years, and now 90 days

by nomotouchpen