Age 33 – PIED: Morning wood is back, more energy and focus, better mood.

Who I am

  • 33-year-old American male
  • Started PMO age 11
  • Used high-speed internet P daily for over 2 decades, almost never missed a day
  • Escalated to non-traditional P from a young age
  • PIED difficulty with women and sometimes even with P, since age 20, doctors were no help
  • Viagra, Cialis, Levitra all barely worked, once even 100 mg sildenafil didn’t help me get up for my ex-partner
  • Don’t think I had more than a few episodes of morning wood from ages 20-33, until the reboot started
  • It may be relevant to note: I had Peyronie’s disease surgery (plication) at age 15, to successfully fix a downward curvature

Reboot Status

  • Significantly more energy, better mood, more focus when working on tasks
  • Flat-line weeks 2-4, then normalized for a week, then again for a week, at this moment I’m good and not worried
  • I see girls everywhere as wonderfully beautiful, enchanting, mesmerizing creatures. Something I haven’t felt since I was young
  • Morning woods came back in spurts, I’d get soft MW’s for a few days in a row around week 4, and they are becoming more frequent. This morning I awoke with a RAGER, it made me happy because it reinforces the progress I’ve made
  • Deeply attracted by this girl I see casually, I saw her yesterday and I was just transfixed and admiring her, and got hard literally just flirting and seeing that look in her eyes

What’s next

  • I am 100% sure this is working for me in many ways, and I am so unbelievably excited and happy that I found a solution for potentially one of the greatest nightmares of my life. I hope I continue to heal. I’ll post another update at the 90 day mark, but I plan to continue indefinitely. I’m done with P, it’s an addictive disease and unnatural, it makes me weak, it’s an illusory substitute without substance, and I am disgusted by it but grateful for the lesson I received from years of abusing it. I’m not on a “streak”, I am on day 57 of the rest of my life.

Happy to answer any questions.

LINK – 33 year-old PIED, 57 days no PMO updates

By – Ayahuasca