Age 33 – The main benefit is much less procrastination. Finished a big home project that I was putting off for several months.

Was a 2-3 times/week fapper, read the materials here and on yourbrainonporn, decided to try this thing. Wasn’t easy, especially in 30-40ish days – crazy cravings, but I got through it and it’s worth it.

My results:

  • The main one: much less procrastination. Finished a big home project that I was putting off for several months, significantly increased the quality of my life. Started another project that was dependent on the first one.
  • Better self-discipline: it’s easier to adhere to healthy diet. I practice time restricted eating and keto-like diet – not full keto, but pretty close. Adherence to exercise schedule (3 times a week) also improved – I do either a kettlebell workout (awesome for functional strength as opposed to isolation workload that barbells/dumbbells provide) or 100 burpees.
  • Learned to pace myself: I had a tendency to put things off and then cram everything in long, exhausting work sessions. Now I just naturally realize “OK, I’m tired now, better put it aside for a while and rest.”
  • There are still occasional thoughts about watching porn, but they are super easy to put aside. It’s like a muscle really – I worked at it for 90+ days and now the muscle is strong enough to handle it easily.

Separate note about situation with girls: I was always introverted and my conversations tended to go into factual and logical territory, which just bored girls to death. After going through a reboot, none of that changed. Just wanted to put it out there to temper introverted guys’ expectations as some of the reports here (and on reddit) give an impression of NoFap being a magic bullet. My guess is that those reports are from naturally extroverted guys who had their natural expressive tendencies suppressed by PMO. So, if you are introverted, I would say don’t set sex as part of your expectations of NoFap. It’s still 100% worth it – sex or no sex.

LINK – 90+ days report

by Smooth Engineer