Age 34 – I don’t stutter anymore. Less anxiety. Depression & fear almost gone. Food tastes better. Sex feels amazing. Starting to view women differently.

Today marks day 50 of no PM.

During this time I have had sex once & O with my wife at day 47.

I suffer OCD intrusive thoughts but seem a little more in control as time goes on, whenever I get a bad thought I laugh inside & it slowly fades away, by doing so it shows my mind that it’s no threat.

Morning anxiety is still an issue but the way to lesson that is to get straight up in shower then meditation.

A Whole Foods very clean diet is important, alongside with keeping active with (gardening/exercise) ect.

I’m starting to see women for how pretty they are – not just walking sex objects!.

I’m never to go back to P or M ever.

Benefits I have noticed are:

  • Eye contact is strong,
  • I don’t stutter anymore,
  • My skin is smooth & soft,
  • Seem more in control of my thoughts,
  • Anxiety has lessened,
  • Depression & fear almost gone,
  • I want to do more,
  • Food taste better,
  • Sex feels amazing,
  • My eyes feel & look more clear,
  • I seem able to concentrate in general,
  • & so on..

Let’s hope my brain heals more & more? My aim is to come of my antidepressant medication & be happy again with natural remedies

I’ll add in I do see a Psychotherapist he is also a life coach/hypnosis/pt instructor & a nutrition expert, plenty of experience under his belt..

Anyhow you all have a good day..

LINK – 50 Days go me!

by All_384