Age 34 – Not objectifying women. Less time to YouTube/news sites. Less sarcastic and mocking.

I’ve done it! Completed 90 days of no PMO! To be honest I don’t feel that much different to how I felt around the 60 day mark. I continue to do all the positive things I wrote about in…-and-it-is-only-a-failure-if-you-quit.154541/

I went to a party last night and slipped with alcohol but it didn’t faze me that much. Next time I know I will be stronger and manage to abstain.

The biggest benefit I’ve noticed recently is that things don’t seem to bother me that much anymore. I’m calmer, more resistant to petty annoyances and able to shove away negative thoughts faster.

Still have mood swings and problems with concentration and sticking to one activity for a longer period of time. Also I feel like I’ve entered another flatline. Other things I’m still working on are:

– not objectifying women,
– devoting less time to YouTube/news sites/9gag
– being less sarcastic and mocking of others.

90 days is not enough in my case and I want to keep going indefinitely.

Till next time! Stay strong!

LINK – 90 Days Update

by Aradesh