Age 34 – One year PMO free: Was extremely depressed and had bad anxiety/social anxiety problems.


I’m 34 years old and have voluntarily wasted an incredible amount of time to PMO/edjing. Was extremely depressed and had bad anxiety/social anxiety problems. Before I knew about porn/dopamine addiction 2 1/2 years ago I started trying to quit on my own with the idea to break up with my current girlfriend (porn) to get a real one.

Couldn’t stop MOing (about 2 a week which was a huge cutback) at the time but had a strong resolve to drop porn. Long story short after about 6 months no P I got with a girl I was crazy about. We were friends with benefits and slept together about once a week for 6 months before I slowly went back to porn and things started to fall apart. Was PMOing for about 3-4 months and feeling horrific again before remembering why I wanted to quit and finally finding yourbrainonporn/nofap. I am PMO free 1 year this Monday.

Still have some bad days but have seen a lot of positive changes:

  • Started smoking at 18, 2to3packs a day, have been quit for a little over a year
  • I’m 5’9 went from 200lb to 165lb with regular exercise
  • Have been meditating almost every day for about 2 years
  • Eat better
  • Drink less
  • Graduated from local community college year long HVAC program and have been working in the field for 7 months
  • Generally feel better and have a much easier time interacting with people

Didn’t consider ever dropping M for good when I started this journey 2 1/2 years ago but at this point that’s my mindset. Urges are easy to deal with now but I know for certain my brain can relearn PMO much faster than it can unlearned it.

Mostly have lurked here but I appreciate all the advice, incites and success stories as they have helped me a ton. Still have plenty I need to improve on but that had be a different thread. Good luck everyone, once you decide to quit it is just a matter of time.

LINK – 1 year PMO free

By Fishsammich