Age 35 – Bought a house, learned to code, sex life is wonderful (no more PIED)

I came here a year ago on the verge of losing a wonderful relationship.

I have not viewed porn or masturbated for the last 365 days. I have sex regularly, but went 30 days without it at the onset of my journey.

In the last year, I have accomplished many of the things I failed to do for many years. I have bought a house, I have learned to code, I have traveled to many of the places I have always wanted to see.

My sex life is wonderful and always getting better. I never worry about getting an erection, which I could only achieve with porn a year ago.

Porn is just a click away. I have decided, for myself, that porn and masturbation will rob me of all of the wonderful things I want. It will rob me of my energy, of my happiness, of my motivation, and my satisfaction.

Sex is great. I didn’t become insanely wholesome, I have hot nasty sex with my girlfriend. I fantasize about the women in my life. The only real change is my perception of pornography and masturbation. I see masturbation as a sad activity. I think of women in porn as real people having unpleasant and unsatisfying, sometimes traumatic experiences on camera. I think of sad people having years of their life lost to chasing those fantasies.

I [meditate], and did much more during the first few months

Thanks to all of you guys for helping me get through this last year.

LINK – One year of NoFap

by ImprovingTheEskimo