Age 35 – My awakening began with the “Great Porn Experiment” TEDx talk

I occasionally come back here to post up on how my recovery has presented new and different challenges, and how everything is possible with the correct mindset, set of tools, information, and lots of self-love.I was a PMO addict since an excessively early introduction to it before I was even 10 years old. On hindsight, it was all culturally and socially approved severe misogyny. You see, what we’ve done to ourselves, we haven’t just done to ourselves. All addictions have a deep effect on our loved ones, and people around us in general.

I don’t get P cravings anymore. And that’s a great success. But at the same time, the battle does NOT end there. Starting to deal with P addiction is just a small branch of the whole tree, DEALING WITH MENTAL HEALTH.

If you dove into P addiction at a young age, I suggest you research the effect of addiction on the teenage brain. I also did cocaine, so I DEFINITELY screwed up my dopamine receptors big time. But look into it, it will shine a light on a whole new set of behaviors that could go by unchecked. This could make you just shift your addictive focus away from P and unto someone else, probably something readily available, like a substance or a loved one. Any addiction wrecks havoc on your brain and requires some sort of recovery planned tailored to you, your brain, your needs, etc. ( not a doctor).

I’m available if anyone needs any help, answer questions, or provide support. I’ve posted my story a few times before. Nofap was the first ray of hope in my recovery process, and the “your brain on porn” TedTalk.

Thanks, everyone!

LINK – Day 827 of lifelong awakening.

by DonGiovanni