Age 35 – Finding my girlfriend more attractive


So yesterday I made it to 90 days. I’ve tried several times to get there before, but this is the first time I’ve made it to the full 90. So, anything different? Personally I don’t feel my brain has ‘reset’, the urges to watch porn are still there to some degree. Maybe they will never go away – but I am 35 and watched porn regularly for 16+ years so…it’s engrained pretty deep.

However, I have noticed I’ve started to find my girlfriend more attractive. Also, when I have met pretty girls (at my work or whatever), I have felt less inclined to do any innocent ‘flirting’ with them or impress them. Basically I have felt a little bit less like I want their approval.

I don’t know whether this is related to the porn not-watching or not, but it seems positive.

However, I have done a few things that aren’t great for recovery.Like window shopping for hookers (I know), jerking off to (non-sex related) porn and thinking of porn during sex.

My next goal is to do another 90 days without doing any of that stuff.

LINK- Made it to 90 days!

By Throwaway_d