Age 35 – PIED cured. Also improved motivation, self-confidence, mental clarity, and mood.

Ok I did that. Wasnt that hard, but it was my 2nd year of trying.

What was good about it was:

Bigger motivation to do things
Good mood
Improved looks
Improved self confidence
Improved mental clarity

Life was good, at least relatively, compared to before and after

My sexual dysfunctions improved, I was able to finish inside a girl afterwards. I started with total PIED 2 years back. After year I had delayed ejaculation, unable to finish inside a girl.

Now I have premature ejaculation, which is ok, because at least this way u can have kids and before u could not. I’m sure If I wanted and tried and tried my premature E would get better. In fact it got better during the 3 weeks of mating.

Then I said no more!

I did not enjoy returning back to depleted state of mind and body and decided to break up. So this is just a memory. My streak ended few weeks back with a girl and to ME it was not worth it, thus I’m back to hard mode.

But now I know I’m basically a fully functional man in terms of sex. That’s what I wanted from a start. No more worries and hidden fear. I can now speak about sex with ppl. Im not scared of sex and failure.

And Ive learned that for me… its good to keep the semen for myself. At least for now.

So yea, its worth it and it works.

NoFap will cure u, it will motivate u to do whatever u want/need to do…

I started with NoPMO when I was 34. Almost a virgin. Heavy fapper for I’d say 24 years… unable to get girl, speak to girl, scared of real sex, scared of sex topics, messed up in my head

Now I’m better and I know better.

LINK – Did 200 days hardmode

by Deleted Account