Age 36 – Gay man: Never had successful intercourse (entire life). Now: Have had successful intercourse

Just wanted to take a moment to share my current success since I started nofap on March 1st of 2019.  I’ll use the outline approach that others have used as it seems to do a good job at summarizing before and after:

-36 years old gay man

-Consumed porn 5-6 times per week

-Never had successful intercourse (entire life) so would take the receptive position despite preference for other position

After approximately 75 Days

  • Get erections during the day when I think about my partner
  • Have had successful intercourse and release three times in the past two weeks
  • Each time it’s been a little stronger and lasts a little longer

This really works and has changed my life. Hope this helps.

LINK – Successes Before 90 Days!