Age 36 – Peace of mind, better concentration

Wanted to share this with the community. I have reached my first 90 day PMO goal. However, to be honest I did have a wet dream after the 90 day period was reached and did end up masturbating the next day.

Nevertheless did achieve the PMO 90 day challenge and I do feel a big change mentally on feeling like I have in an overall sense unhooked myself from the addictive nature of porn and sexually charged thoughts. Although in the later part of the 90 day period I did have sexual thoughts more often, although the hard to resist urge to look at porn or masturbate that I used to have had gone away and I had developed a greater sense of self-control and discipline in stopping myself from getting carried away. I now feel that I shouldn’t place much of a gap and should start a new PMO challenge this weekend, this one for a longer period of time, I’m thinking 120 to 150 days.

Just want to let the folks out there know that noFap is worth it in changing your life, habits, and thinking that has been affected by porn and masturbation. So just want to encourage everyone who is trying to kick these bad habits that it is achievable and may take some trials and willpower/determination but noFap helps a lot with bringing accountability and a sense of commitment to help you get there.

I feel that I have a certain peace of mind in breaking my mind away from the urge to look at porn or think pornographic thoughts. I feel that my ability to concentrate and stay engaged with work and other activities (whether hobbies or socially) has improved. Whereas before my attention span was weak due to recurring urges and thoughts that were worsened by looking at porn.

And not masturbating has helped me stick to an exercise regimen which I haven’t been able to do before because either my back would give out or joints would hurt/become sore. I feel that this improvement is due to avoiding masturbation. So I think I will continue with a new target for hard mode and hopefully reap more benefits over time.

LINK – 36 yr old – reached 90 day PMO goal

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