Age 36 – PIED gone, sex life drastically improved


First off, as a teenager with a 56k modem, I was always looking for porn. It even became a problem at school and I’d find ways around the schools computer filters and find it. To shorten my story, I basically carried that into my life for 20 some years and continued this into my relationships with past girlfriends who did not like or watch porn.

Several times I was told to seek help, I never did.

I met the woman who has been my wife for 5 years in 2009. We dated for 3.5 years. She found me on Myspace. She’s a sweetheart, doesn’t swear and is an amazing woman. She found out I watched a lot of porn. it hurt her feelings pretty badly and raised concerns. I still couldn’t get away from this addiction. I continued this for all the while we dated in secret, a dark secret that I kept from her. I wanted to change this before it led to divorce.

Until 3 months ago. I have never felt stronger. Our sex life has drastically improved as has my PIED. It’s been amazing blessing. I also gave up masturbating because I would much rather have sex (who wouldn’t?) I honestly can’t get get through days without it and just love life with this not holding me down anymore. I came clean to my wife and that too was a blessing.

TL;DR: Carried porn addiction for 20+ years, wife had many issues with it and causing insecure thoughts about things. Fixed it by coming clean to her and kept on trucking.

I am 36.

LINK- 3 months strong and on a path to redemption

By LivePositively