Age 37 – Brain fog almost nonexistent. Less social anxiety & depression. Self-esteem improved. Better erections. Fewer mood swings.

I’ve completed 120 days of abstaining from sex and PMO today.
37 yo – 17 years of internet porn and compulsive-binge masturbation addiction.

Here are my observations:


1. Brain fog / numbness -> almost non existent

2. Social anxiety -> improved (socializing a lot, flirting, dating again),

3. Depression -> improved (some sadness persist, but things got a lot better)

4. Self-esteem -> improved

5. Becoming physically fitter

6. Self-discipline -> improved

7. Fatigue -> start seeing some improvement

8. Mood swings -> more modest ( states of being almost euphoric one moment and depressed or/and anxious only few hours later are mostly gone),

9. Morning woods -> very strong and almost every morning


1. More worried about life problems and future prospects sometimes

2. PIED -> still not cured. Not getting aroused around women yet. I’d probably get a rock solid boner with a little help, but only looking at hot babe doesn’t do anything for now.

As you can see, things are improving even past 90 days of no sex/no PMO mark.

Is it worth it? Yes.
Is it hard? It was hellish in first 2 months (headaches, wild mood swings, depression, social anxiety, lack of energy, insomnia, total flatline…), but it’s getting easier and easier now… Withdrawal symptoms are mostly gone and I don’t get any cravings for porn or mb anymore.
Will I continue to abstain? yes -> from porn, yes -> from masturbation, maybe -> from sex

If you have any questions regarding topic don’t hesitate to ask.

LINK – 120 days in hardmode – results so far

by HoplessCase101