Age 37 – I don’t recognize myself


My apartment is clean My sink is empty My laundry is cleaned/folded/put away. I’m waking up early I’m going to the gym I’m taking a yoga class I’m reading books I’m writing music I’m doing photography. I don’t feel depressed My anxiety is much more manageable Video games are losing their appeal

I have clarity and focus I look forward to meeting people and seeing friends

There are so many changes happening to me right now and they all started snowballing after one simple change. I decided to stop touching my ding dong.

NoFap was just the beginning for me. The less time I spent taking the easy route to temporarily make myself feel better, the more I had to fill that time with other things.

I don’t really have a breaking moment where everything changed. Kinda like losing weight – you look at yourself in the mirror every day and don’t see that much has changed but when you look at an old picture you look completely different. Hope that helps

I’m 37. This is probably the 4th time in my life to go for longer than 30 days since the age of 12.

I’ve been diagnosed with GAD/ADHD/Depression before. I have had pretty bad social anxiety since I can remember. Previously, when I had tried to stop, I remember feeling better but never made the connection
until I found the NoFap community.

LINK – I don’t recognize myself

By jkiesch