Age 37 – Increased desire for sex, intimacy, love, companionship

Stats: male 37 years old, IT professional work for a bank, own my own house and three cars, make a good living, single, 6ft tall 85kg 12% bodyfat, no kids, never married, PMO addict for 20+ years, PMO’ed multiple times per day.

Things I did during this time:

  • cold showers daily

  • 20min guided meditation with headspace daily

  • weightlifting as hard and often as possible, 4 times/week, and 2 runs per week

  • creatine and protein supplements daily

  • sleep 7-8 hours/day

  • healthy diet, 3000 cal per day for bulk and muscle

  • deleted 2TB stash

Things every other day:

  • pullups on my pullup bar in my house

  • journaling – writing down monkey minds thoughts

  • logging dreams

  • tried to cut back drinking (hard because of social circles)


  • small acne breakouts on my forehead after 7days going forward, greasy forehead

  • noticeable change in size of my balls since I’ve been retaining

  • Had sex with two different girls during this time, blew massive loads and blew early, I was so arroused I came before I could get hard, so cant really comment on whether my PIED is cured as I haven’t had a regular sex life during this time

  • Picked up 6kgs mostly muscle, people ask if im on steroids, noticeable difference in physique

  • ran 5km park run in 25 min, personal best for the year

  • increased desire for sex, intimacy, love, companionship, hornyness (not very comfortable and very distracting!)

  • no flatline experience at all, in fact I had the opposite

  • Strong desires for women in my day to day life, desire to approach them and talk to them, I’m naturally shy so this is very frustrating, also experience short bouts of loneliness

  • constant feeling of frustration, impatience and restlessness

  • porn images in my mind seem less strong, like a TV with snowy signal

  • strong thoughts of sex flowing through my mind late and night, catch myself replaying pron scenes that are in my memory, but the thoughts are not so vivid anymore

  • regular morning wood, and erections occurring throughout the night when I sleep

  • more time on my hands

  • increased focus – when someone at work is talking to me and explaining a complex problem, i find myself intensely focused when listening

  • feeling less shameful, not worrying about people looking at my laptop or phone, not worried about my work or ISP picking up on my shameful porn addiction

Its hard to say what the impact of this 90 day no fap is because I’ve been applying discipline in other areas. I still feel like I could relapse at any time and have late night urges. This was my first serious nofap attempt and it was surprisingly easy to quit once I learnt about the damage that PMO does to your dopamine receptors.

All in all, it’s going well, and intend to continue with these habits indefinitely.

LINK – 90+ days report

By Ima2868