Age 37 – My first date since recovery

I asked a girl out from my flag football team a few weeks ago, and she said yes! We went out last night and walked around the park, and it was interesting. I wasn’t worried about sex or trying to get her home or porn or any of that.

Instead I enjoyed hearing about her dad and how they like to garden together. We bonded over a love of bike riding. We shared the different types of art we liked. We walked around and had a good time.

It was nice too when we left and I said my subway was a certain way, and she said she would walk me back with me to my stop. We said goodbye with a hug.

It was surreal to be hanging out with a women in a “healthy” way. It was so much different and lighter! It wasn’t the super high of a one night stand or porn, but that’s ok. It was a slow burn, and much more enjoyable.

I don’t know if things will work out as we did have a lot of conflicting beliefs, but whatever the case it was nice to feel healthy and attractive and normal.

LINK – Went on my first date since recovery

By Newlife33