Age 38 – ED: Had sex without pills for the first time in years

I am beginning to see some massive gains and starting to believe that this works. 

So in a nut shell. I am 38 with 20 years of PMO. MO up to three times a day to all sorts of hardcore stuff. I had pretty bad PIED and have been using ED pills for the last four years. Pretty much lost interest in real woman and was more interested in the screen. My last relationship fell apart because of my porn addiction. Low motivation, mild depression and pretty aimless in life. Struggled to get it up without porn.

I started hard mode about 16 weeks ago. Forced sex after one month with ED pills which pretty much didn’t work. That set me back. The flatline lasted about three months. Just no libido and no boners. I didn’t get many of the other symptoms. I have been seeing improvements in the last month. One wet dream and more frequent morning wood. Last Saturday I had sex for the first time without ED pills in four years. The next day I was getting random erections all day. Last night I managed to get a boner for the first time with just touch. It was 100% strong. 

I think I am on the mend. I probably have a way to reach full recovery but this is already life changing. More rewiring is needed but the hard stage is over.

Thanks to reboot nation, Noah Church and Gary Wilson. You guys are life savers. The NHS knew nothing about my condition when I asked them. I got my testosterone levels checked last week and they were on the high end.

I have changed my lifestyle a bit. Eating healthy, lots of exercise and lifting weights. I am taking lots of supplements. 

If anyone has any questions and I would be willing to help. 

Stay strong, stay motivated and stay disciplined.

LINK – Success, this really works.

By – Floppy_England