Age 38 – Married male: I’m back in love with my wife. I’m a gentleman not a hungry dog

I just had sex with my wife yesterday on her day off of work. I felt more in control of my urges yet more passionate towards her. I could hold my erection longer and could get hard easier with my wife. It felt incredible but I was lasting longer it was great everything felt so much better because my death grip from 26 years of aggressive masturbation was finally healing itself. I ejaculated for so long, my wife even said it was so much like she has never seen before.

I had sex with my wife 2 weeks ago and try not to overdo it but always kiss and massage her to let her know she is my wife, not a sex doll.

I have not masturbated for almost 3 months now. This is by far the hardest time in life. Failed business, unemployed, credit card maxed etc. Masturbation used to be my drug to make me feel better. The longer I abstain from masturbation the easier and more obedient I become.

I am the heaviest I have ever been almost 300lbs but I feel healthier, empowered and encouraged for self-improvement. I am taking vitamin C,D,B12, Omega3, Q10, all greens supplement etc. I am trying to reduce junk food, alcohol and video games. I love myself even more now, I am doing my hair and shaving to look decent dropping off kids to school. My man boobs have dramatically reduced since I stop pulling and caressing them with masturbation.

I now do not look at any girl and think I want to fuck them; I can now easily glance away from women and not feel like a hungry dog and come home to masturbate to them. I feel like a reserved gentleman.

I still notice pretty woman, their body and their feet but at a more controllable manner. I feel empowered to love my wife for who she is and not fantasize about sexualizing another woman. I am back in love with my wife and feel a stronger more real connection.

I have to so this was an addiction that I had no idea how much it really controlled my life, my emotions, my intelligence, my dignity, my success. NoFap is a key factor to successful life and health. Thank you to everyone who supports this community

LINK – 38 Married Male benefits of NoFap

by hungry4sucess