Age 38 – PIED: Now I feel all my senses. I get very turned on just by touch alone. Nocturnal erections for first time in life.


It keeps getting better and better I haven’t been here for a while because I was on holiday. The first 6 months, there was not much progress. Now I feel all my senses. I get very turned on just by touch alone. I moan a lot during foreplay. If a girl touches me just a little bit, I get very turned on. Sometimes it’s embarrassing how loud I moan. I can’t help myself haha

I went to see my GF in Shanghi and we made love 2 times a day. The first 3 times, I couldn’t get hard because I was nervous. After the first 3 times, I kept getting hard. I was hard, almost instantly.

At night and during sleep, I get hard erections. This has never happened much before but now it’s hard on a regular basis. I feel very happy and excited about my results. I don’t feel I’m fully erect while sleeping but I think that will happen in the next year or so. It’s like I’m very hard but the penis is not big and hasn’t gone to its full potential

I don’t feel I’m completely healed. It might take another year or so. Yesterday I was extremely horny. I still feel horny at night even though I haven’t PMed for over a year. I don’t think its porn urges, I think its normal hornyness

I documented my journal, you’re welcome to take a look. The journal has really helped me to understand what my triggers are for P and M. It helps me to understand myself at a very detailed level.

Not watching porn and masturbating is one of the best things I have ever done. I cannot wait and see what my progress is like, in another half a year. I never knew I would get this far. I’m very happy with my progress I hope in the future, I get better and better.

LINK – 1 Year of No PM

by Happy Man