Age 38 – Not a sissy after all

Like many, I have eventually discovered sissy hypnos – the darkest place of still legal porn. And eventually started fapping to it. But there is a way out.

First, you need to to search for the transgender/sissy porn actors pictures without makeup and editing. You will discover that in 95% they look like… well… men. If you are already into cross dressing make a selfie in female clothes and look at it after you fap. Not the hot girl you thought you were? Keep these pictures in mind next time you have the urge to fap to transgender/sissy stuff – a major turn off.

The next test – go somewhere public and imagine that you will blow every man you meet. Not really, a turn on when fantasy meets reality, is it? So, it looks like you are not a sissy after all.

Now that we are out of the sissy stuff – subscribe for OpenDNS or other similar service and block all porn (enable stats and give the password to someone you trust if you want to go hard mode) . That will block your home access to porn.

Now go watch Requiem for a Dream. Every time you have the urge to unblock porn, think of yourself as a drug addict reaching for a drug. Nofap for 30+ days.

LINK – Getting rid of sissy hypno addiction

by V2kA