Age 39 – I also stopped two more addictions: caffeine and nail biting

I have done it effortlessly- I did watch p nearly every day and for more than 14 years. Thankfully for me it never escalated.

My last three relapses where with real women.
What i have noticed is that my thinking is very clean. No more sexual images flashing in my mind and my dreams are innocent again.
Above all the best benefit i got is that instead of wasting my first hour on p and feeling like i shit my pants afterwards, i now use this time to do my breathwork ,and write my affirmations down.
I feel better about myself.
I even stopped two more addictions: caffeine and nail biting.
Not sure why suddenly i am conquering one addiction after another .
I am thinking about changing my name to dido the conqueror .(joking.)

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By Di.Do.555