Age 39 – I have become a better version of myself physically, mentally and spiritually


700 days! I’m not really counting the days anymore after all this time, but it’s fun to see my counter now and then. I’m 39, I started NoFap at 37 and this is still my first streak. I felt like a loser fapping at porn a couple times a week, I was a little depressed and tired and I had little energy and confidence. Now I have a lot of confidence

A lot of energy, and I have become a better version of myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Masturbation is totally out of my system and it’s not an option anymore. I trained myself by doing hard mode for almost half a year. I can really recommend this to any man. It really helps you to get in control over your urges and horniness.

Like most people on NoFap I started to also better my other choices in life. I’ve done a lot of things that were out of my comfort zone. My life is getting better and better everyday, but it’s not just NoFap, it’s the choices you make. But the energy, the clarity of mind and the confidence that help me to make the right choices I believe are derived from NoFap and semen retention.

The first weeks were the hardest. After that it became easier. After 200-300 days the urges disappeared completely. I still can get really horny sometimes, but I have myself under control 100%. I have watched nsfw stuff both accidently and on purpose, but it doesn’t trigger me to masturbate anymore.

LINK – 700 days! Just 30 more and it will be my second NoFap anniversary

By Adiaphoron

845 days today. I find it hard to understand why I was enjoying this shit so much before I started my streak. I really hope for you guys you will think the same some day. Believe in yourself!