Age 39 – Since I discovered Nofap my various hardmode streaks have been giving me miraculous happenings and perks.

I have been lurking the forums the last eight years or so, but this is my first post, and I’ll continue posting updates so hopefully I see my shinny badge come to life. I have been doing Nofap all these years, with my best streak peaking +90 days last year. Last march 27th I began a new streak, but consider it the definitive cancellation of PMO in my life. I began masturbation when I was 12, got a grip on porn at 16 and since then have been a heavy user of both. I’m 39 now, and in those 27 years of dependence I had various girlfriends, was married and now have two children, but life in general had been eroding and gotten more difficult year after year.These 50+ days have been a rollercoaster, superpowers definitely have not come with flying colors, but everything is improving slowly. Let me tell you a great insight, obtained in all these years on and off Nofap:Since I discovered Nofap my various hardmode streaks have been giving me miraculous happenings and perks: International awards for my work, great opportunities to advance my career, money stability, I have attracted beautiful women, got to play my music in far and away countries…With nofap life always seems like heaven. And then, when I had relapsed, things got cancelled: failure has got me, the women in my life seemed to get repelled (incluiding a divorce), my career and health stagnate, opportunities seem to disappear…without the discipline of nofap life seems dark and hellish.

So the insight is: this thing, Nofap, it really works; it has really nice gifts for the ones who have the patience, perseverance, will and strength to defeat and control their animal sides. I encourage you, fellow fapstronauts, to be the owners of your destiny, because Nofap is, really, a golden ticket to the best in life.

LINK – 51 days hard mode. Life is getting better every day.

by SergioDavidD