Age 40 – 1 year, fuck capitalist coercion exploitation of women (and men)

I think this is the weekend I quit a year ago… maybe a week off, whatever. Porn free forever, fuck capitalist coercion exploitation of women (and men.) That’s all. I feel fine. Don’t need it, don’t want it, stay strong, it’s artificial and you don’t need it either.

For some of you it might be addiction, for me it was a disgusting habit and not that hard to change – extract yourself from it, it’s disgusting and anti-human.

Just want other people to know they can do it. I’m a 40-year old man with no relationship prospects and I did it.


Great job! Amazing. What some people don’t think about is that it exploits the user as well as the pornstar. Men and women are being desensitized to real sex and connection around the globe, through porn, and I think when we do it we don’t realise that it’s harmful to ourselves, the health of society and our natural state as social creatures. It creates a low libido, or diverted libido, generation. This contributes to social anxiety and more. This private activity, that you do at home in your own time is actually a global issue and I think it helps to remember that.

LINK – One year.

By ogimbe