Age 40 – Delayed ejaculation and ED cured. Never think you cannot do this.


 PMO since I was 20 (video, magazines, erotic images, etc), since 31 [y/o] it was high-speed internet P, it changed with periods when I lived with women and had regular sex (sometimes with problems like DE, but I didn’t understand why). When I was 38-39 I spent a lot of time alone and did a lot of PMO out of boredom. Now I am 40. Last year I understood where the roots of problem were – but only when I hit the bottom:

I had sex with a nice girl, and I can’t get O, and then my dick fainted. She left me and never came back. It was a disaster. I understood that it was because of P, and I decided to quit. It was 22 of September 2017. It ruined my life and my health for a long time, and thank God I stopped it.

Then I found rebootnation and started the journal here. The stories and articles from this site were very useful. I gone through flatline and periods of sadness, and even relapsed when I listed dating sites. But I knew the only important thing: NEVER RETURN TO PORN, and everything is going to be OK.

In November I felt much better, I tried relationships with a girl, and felt excitement being around her, but she kept distance and we didn’t make love. In the end of January 2018 I met another girl, and on 8 of February we had sex. We also had sex 9, 10, 11 of February, and today, 12 of February we are going to make sex again. Moreover, the dating sites are not a problem for me anymore.

That’s what I want to say to every guy who comes here: Remember, we were born in this world not to yank our penises alone in the dark solitude. We were born to love beautiful women, kiss them, caress them, and make sex with them. BE A MAN, AND BE PROUD OF IT. Never return to PM, this is a curse of modern mankind.

Never think you cannot do this. Several months is not a long term to be healed. Be strong, there are a lot of other pleasures in this life – art, food, sport, books, movies, etc. One sex with a girl is surely much better than hundred sessions of PMO. Respect yourself, never touch that shit again.

Thanks for everybody who keep this site working, and to all guys who supported me here. Good luck to everybody and greetings from Russia.

This is my journal:

LINK – My story of success

BY – Red Bear