Age 40 – I easily experience erections thinking about the beauty of a person, more sensitive and more libido

4 months without PMO

I had never been 4 months without PMO. It’s scary when I think about it. Although there are people who have been longer than me. I am aware of that.

I have been trying three years (from 2017 to 2020) trying to reach 90 days at least. I always arrived at day 30, or 40, or 50, or 55 and from there  returned to the habit of looking for P.

Benefits so far:

1. I used to suffer from insomnia. Several weeks and months went by without being able to sleep well. Quite the contrary, during these 4 months I have only stayed awake for just two days. This has improved my sleep a lot.

2. My energy levels improved. I used to often feel very sleepy and tired in the afternoon while I was working or reading (I love to read). Now, I can read several pages in a row without feeling tired.

I had PIED a few months ago. I also had chronic pelvic pain.

3. Regarding PIED: Erection hard as rock in the 70 day to 90 day. I am sure that I do not have PIED because I can easily experience erections thinking about the beauty of a person, I feel more sensitive and libido (some days more than others) sometimes semi erections seeing girls in the street, and the morning wood is already more followed. I make it clear that there are ups and downs, but it seems that this is normal, even in men who have never been PMO. I have friends who have not been PMO and they inform me that this is normal. In normal people there are also ups and downs and libido and arousal are like the wind: they come and go in all normal human beings. It depends on many factors.

4. Regarding Chronic Pelvic Pain: it disappeared. Masturbation was causing this, but this seems to be curable when you stop masturbating. It was an intense pain in the lower back, and in the perineum.

Things in which so far I have not achieved any success::(

1. Unfortunately, I still dream that I watch pornography while I am sleeping. It doesn’t happen to me every night, but it still happens to me often.:(

2. I still feel like watching pornography sometimes. Even my mind misses her. There are still cravings.


By Dario1980