Age 40 – From panic attacks to less anxiety, more feeling “myself,” and much more confidence

I’m 40 years old. I read The Multi-Orgasmic man a long time ago, which is when I first learned of semen retention. I went through a period where I tried to retain, and I’d even do the thing where you press the perineum to not ejaculate. But only in recent years did I become clearer about benefits of NoFap and semen retention.

Now I hate to admit it, but I have been a compulsive masturbator for much of my life. When I get stressed or feel uncomfortable and I’m alone, I”m going to reach for my dick.

Prior to this streak, my longest streak was 40 days. But recently I was going through a stressful period and I was numbing my brain with porn, masturbation and video games. This was making my anxiety so much worse. I had daily panic attacks (a couple sent me to the emergency room). So I knew I needed to change. In fact, i was realizing what a huge role porn and masturbation played in my life-long struggle with anxiety and panic.

I went cold turkey no porn, no masturbation. There were many times where I’d feel the impulse to reach for my dick – I had effectively wired my brain to masturbate when I needed a dopamine hit. Having anxious thoughts? Look up some porn and fondle myself. But I was strict, and whenever I felt the impulse, I said “no.”

I went through a flatline where things got worse before they got better. I had bad stomach pains, as my gut (the “second brain”) was used to a certain level of neurotransmitter activity and it wasn’t getting it. I felt depression for the first time in my life. And then after about 30 or 40 days, it lifted.

I have a lot of benefits: Less anxiety, more feeling “myself,” much more confidence. I do not have wet dreams (I never have), so sometimes things get a little uncomfortable down there. Sometimes I crave release just due to the discomfort. But I’m going to carry on, especially because I have a couple important job interviews coming up (one for my dream job working overseas).

LINK – 90 days!! Hard mode. I did it for the first time in my life. You can do it too.

by JesusSock