Age 40 – I have no more anxiety or feelings of being inferior. I am now genuinely happy for others. I have found self-fulfillment.

I have made 149 days, well that would be in a few minutes from now, Africa time.

The days are now mostly arbitrary and am no longer actively keeping count, not that they matter but these are my experiences

1. I have no more anxiety or feelings of being inferior. I am now genuinely happy for others when they achieve milestones without comparing myself to them, they are them and I am me. I have found self fulfillment.

2. I am much more focused, as I run my own business, I find that I can concentrate a lot more without the distraction of PMO.

3. Being on WhatsApp groups mean you cannot avoid porn, it no longer fazes me as I have developed the willpower to delete even if I watch a few seconds of it. I have no urges to use porn.

4. I have had episodes of flatlines, the most recent one ended just two days ago and lasted for almost 3 weeks. I have accepted that it is my body doing its thing and actively recovering, that I accept I cannot control the speed at which it happens. While I find it irritating when it happens, I do not need to hurry myself into recovery, had a 10 year habit and 90 days may not fix it completely. Time and patience are truly important.

5. My erections have returned which I am very very pleased about. I am not in a hurry to have sex either.

6. I turned 40 a few weeks back and am preparing to run a 42.2km marathon for the first time. I am currently running 50km a week and as we are getting into Winter, this is a nice time to up my running. This is a nice hobby that I am addicted to now.

7. I eat healthy 80% of the time.

8. I am addicted to as I really enjoy hearing and sharing experiences with other nofappers out there. I especially enjoy reading success stories as they spur me on and I believe they spur others on as well.

My post is long and rambling but I hope it makes a difference to someone out there. I hope someone on the verge of relapse reads this and finds the strength to truly keep going on.

This is a brilliant web space which I hope will help millions out there as we struggle in our daily lives.

Its not what happens to us that matters but how we respond to it.

LINK – It is not what happens to us that matters, but how we respond to it that does

by afrobeacon