Age 40 – No stress, Clear headed, Overall sense of well being, People gather around me at work (a lot), More confident & easy going

  • Much deeper voice
  • Clear headed
  • People gather and sit around me at work (a lot)
  • Better, more restful sleep
  • Energy to work on projects after getting off work
  • Cleaning up and organizing more
  • No stress
  • More Confident and easy going
  • I quit coffee
  • Cold showers for past 53 days
  • Gym for past 35 days
  • Seems like the days are longer
  • Overall sense of well being

Urges and flatlines come and go as usual.

40 years old…. I suffered from brain Fog… Being Tired during the day…. feeling depleted…. to the point of complete exhaustion…. It took tremendous will power to
function at a normal level.

At 60 days hard mode Im a different person. All of those symptoms are no longer ailing me.

LINK – 60 days in..(hard mode)… 30 to go. my experience thus far..

by AquarianGod