Age 41 – My wife and I now have a more open and honest relationship

Its been 90 days in since my last relapse (my only one in the last 143 days). While it’s definitely gotten easier, I still have urges from time to time, including the past few days. Thankfully my phone is blocked, which has been a lifesaver. I used the built in filter on my iPhone. Someone else set the passcode so I can’t override it. It’s been incredibly helpful.

For the first time I had a relapse dream the other night. When I woke up I remember thinking “how am I going to tell my wife?”.

Thankfully things are progressing with my wife. I can’t say she’s super supportive of my recovery, but at least it seems like we will be able to work things out.

This community has been an important part of my recovery and I can’t thank everyone here enough.

I’m excited to have reached this mark (been trying to get clean for 8 years and addicted for a lot longer), and can’t wait to continue my progress and hopefully have the urges fade even further.

I am 41. 8 years ago I realized that I was an addict and starting trying to quit. It was until this year that I found a program that really worked for me. The biggest benefit is that I am no longer walking around keeping a big secret from everyone. It’s really made a huge difference in my life. Telling my wife was incredibly hard and it has been rough but we now have a more open and honest relationship.

LINK – 90 days in.

By HelpSlipFrank6977