Age 41 – One year: Improved focus & concentration, Virtually eliminated all anxiety & depression, improved motivation & athletic performance

All rights guys I found this site over a year ago and became interested but never posted , after some relapses I am 13 days out from 1 year sober from porn, masturbation, ejaculation and sex . I thought I could share my story in hopes of helping some of the newer guys . I am just going to share the benefits I have gotten from doing this , the beginning days were not easy had a lot of sexual thoughts and temptations . Not sure if this was easier for me being older at 41 but I think if you really see how this is negatively effecting your life you become willing to change .

So here are the benefits ..

1. Improved focus and concentration .

As the sexual thoughts and obsessions
Diminished I found myself better able to concentrate on whatever I was doing in the moment . Work , socializing , exercise . I just seemed to be more present .

2. Virtually eliminated all anxiety and depression.

At this point I am pretty much cured of social anxiety . It’s like I intuitively know how to socially interact now without even thinking twice about it.
It just comes natural .

3. More attractive women are noticing me more often .

I get a lot more looks from attractive females flashed my way nowadays . They definitely aren’t chasing me down and begging for my number or anything but I’m getting noticed a lot more

4. Stronger body language

My posture has improved immensely over the past year , I am standing up straighter , not slouching in my chair , when I speak using more hand gestures , shoulders are back , head up , speaking with a stronger voice and able to look people in the eye with no fear .

5. Improved motivation and athletic performance .

I used to dread going to the gym . Now I look forward to it, not really into pushing weights but I can stay on the treadmill for longer periods of time with a higher incline and at faster speeds then ever before .

6. Better decision making

I used be so indecisive, never being able to figure out what to do and when
That has been virtually eliminated

7. Better spiritual connection

The past and future used to own me when I faped . Stopping has made me able to better live in the moment and be present . Just feel more connected to other people and the universe .

8. More respect

Just noticed that people are treating me with more respect , could be attributed to the fact that my body language is improved.

9. See everyone as equal

Before when I was faping I would judge women solely on their looks , and was either too good for them or not good enough . I was so isolated and separate . Now I don’t really judge by outer appearances .

10. Increased willpower

I feel incredible willpower to be able to eat properly and exercise and just improve myself in anyway I can think of.

Off the top of my head this is what I can think of at this moment . Anyway I think quitting porn and masturbation can radically change anyone’s life who is willing to commit to it. It definitely transformed me into a completely different person. Best of luck on all your journeys. Any questions or comments let me know .


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