Age 41 – Other dudes just don’t frighten me anymore in a confrontation, my music at new levels

I wanted to mention some ancillary benefits that have happened to me. They are unusual to say the least:

1. hyper-emotional – All my emotions are heightened. It is a dangerous situation, being single and lonely, finding myself at the brink of suicide. But I didn’t fap to fix my emotions or my life. Instead, I came to realize that emotions were like cumulus clouds on a summer day, which drift and morph minutes later. Why let emotions control my life?

Also, about emotions: being too happy or comic all the time, even though fun, seemed to put my life out of perspective. I was tempted to believe I was a comedian or a comic actor. So I had to control this too, since I had no experience or education in comedy, and needed to focus on my life’s work as a musician.

2. longer reach – I had written in another post that I actually grew an inch taller. I was measured by the military and after my reboot measured by a nurse at a hospital. The longer reach thing I have not exactly measured, but I suspect that my arms are slightly longer since the reboot.

Who cares? Longer arms give a man a biological advantage. Other than reaching into the passenger floorboard for CDs in rush hour traffic, longer reach had other benefits. In a fight, that extra few milimeters mean a great deal, because the difference betweeen a jab against an opponent and a punch is only defined by the power of the contact, the power more likely with more physical contact of the fist. Still too short to dunk a basketball, I felt that I was taking up more space in a subtle way, presenting myself as a more powerful male. Also, I thought it helped my drumming.

3. mad music – I struggled with limitations on some of the instruments I play, such as bass gtr, keys and drums, and vocals. I really believe that after the reboot and the numerous streaks thereafter pushed me into higher levels. The main problem I had was getting up and down the scales on piano. After my streak, I started to just do it like a one finger glissando, in a smooth way.

4. fear be gone – I was in two near-altercations in 2019, one with a shoplifter and the other with a park bench drunk. Both of them were threatening, and started to approach to hit. Normally there would have been adrenaline and/or fear. But I didn’t feel that way. I just kept my eyes open, ready to dodge, hyper alert. And I just wasn’t afraid, which was weird. Other dudes just don’t frighten me anymore in a confrontation. Also, after last year’s reboot, there was another attempted duke out when a strange dude grabbed my butt at an open stage.

I’d be curious to hear your reflections, strange benefits or opinions!

Link – Strange benefits of NoFap

by LOSEmyselftoSAVEmyself