Age 43 – Open yourself to the world and to real women

I wanted to share some random thoughts of my experiences of 3 years of no porn.
First, I stopped understanding the logic of my penis. This transformed stress to enjoy life and sex.
Don’t invest too much time on tinder and similar.
Try to work out. I did a lot of yoga, builds up strength and flexibility. I am lacking of a good cardio workout. During sex I start breathing too heavily and sweating, can improve here a lot.
Read more books instead of social media.
Meet your male friends, without any women.
Don’t be afraid of time being alone and being sad it’s ok.
If a girl doesn’t support you and you only run after her, drop her. And be sharp like a knife when you cut, no compromise.
Reduce alcohol, have fresh air and walks.
Have a good sleep. Going to bed before 24:00 can help.
Once an addiction, there is always an addiction. So be aware and don’t lie to yourself.

The last two girls said they enjoyed sex really with me. I see this as a good sign, that its going in a good direction. I dropped these two girls: first had an alcohol problem, second was running after another man, so I had no chance from the beginning.

Tomorrow I´ll meet a girl: we just had one phone call: lastete 5 1/2 hrs, never had such a long phone call. So seems promising. Sometime you can have a good talk, but there is no sexual attraction. Lets see. I don’t stress myself in meeting new women.

I wish you all: stay strong, don’t stop hoping, and open yourself to the world and to real women. Forget the ones on the screen.


LINK – Experiences after 3 years of nofap

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