Age 43 – PIED gone, very stimulated by my wife. I’m back!

I just wanted to share that progress is possible! During the last 6-9 months, my erections during sex were about 50% of max, with some episodes of non-erections. Just awful frankly…..I began to feel like less of a man, and depression was beginning to creep into my thoughts, yet I kept on fapping often.

After 20 days of nofap, I had the opportunity to have sex with my wife while the kids were gone for an hour. The bad news is the sex only lasted for about 3 mins because (the good news) I was very stimulated by my wife, and not porn.

[Other benefits?] Yes…rekindling of of social self-confidence that I used to have.

I haven’t felt this way in years….fucking erection was on point too! I’m back, and Porn is shit!!!! Get out there and crush the day dudes!!!

I’m an old man of 43, but I found it’s never too late to quit.

LINK – Fuckin’ A…I might be making progress!!

By Tombeach99