Age 45 – More energy, Anxiety pretty much gone, More confidence, Less OCD symptoms, Brain fog gone, More loving feelings towards others



  • More energy
  • More strength
  • More endurance
  • Anxiety pretty much gone
  • Feelings of euphoria at times
  • Slightly more self-esteem
  • Slightly deeper voice
  • More confidence
  • Less OCD symptoms
  • Almost stopped nails biting
  • Brain fog gone, more productive
  • Less irritable
  • Better posture (walking upright)
  • Women looking, sometimes staring at me as if in a trance
  • Actively seeking and maintaining eye contact
  • More sociable
  • More loving feelings towards others


  • Sometimes aggressive in a negative sense
  • Sometimes couldn’t sleep due to too much energy and/or creativity bursts


  • Age: 45
  • Last PMO: March 31st, 11:25 AM
  • Streak end: April 30, 11:40 AM
  • Streak duration: 30 x 24 hrs
  • Urges: About a handful (excuse the pun)
  • PMO: Peeked a few times, did not masturbate, did not orgasm, until day 30 (see below)
  • Flatline: Mild symptoms several times for a few days, unsure if flatline
  • Mode: Normal mode
  • Other: Cold showers

*** Benefits details **\*


This has been my longest streak. I did intend to go on longer but on April 30 I relapsed. I was peeking at some porn, got aroused, and the rest is history. This happened literally in the last hour before 30 x 24 hours, so I waited until I passed that, then decided to just do it. I didn’t feel bad afterward because it was a conscious decision. I figured it’d add to my learning experience. I started a new streak after I PMO’d (for the 4th time that day) at 11:46 PM. I’m currently on day 5.

In my opinion, and this has been my lesson, the only way a streak can be maintained is completely eradicating (looking at) porn from one’s life.


As I mentioned above, I’ve only had a few urges. I didn’t have any morning wood (I did during my prior longest streak of 15 days). Around about week three I started wondering if it had anything to do with my age. It was odd, because before nofap I pretty much fapped daily and had urges every day. I figured the urges increase the more you do it, but when you stop doing it the amount of urges are solely determined by your sperm production (which is higher at younger ages). I don’t know that for a fact though.


I’m trying to keep this post concise, but on the matter of energy I could go on and on. So, so, SO much energy, wow! I went from needing a cold shower or coffee (sometimes both) in the morning in order to wake me up, to waking before my alarm clock went off and jumping out of bed! If I’d skip a night or sleep only two hours, I wouldn’t feel tired at all and didn’t need to nap in the afternoon. I haven’t been able to pull that off anymore since my 43rd. Before nofap I was always taking a nap at 4 PM. I felt like I was 25 again. Actually, I felt better! I didn’t have that much energy at any point in my life.


On day 11 I started getting absolute CRAZY strength in the gym again, just like on my prior longest streak! On average I had anywhere between 20 to 33% more strength; for example I went from lifting 44 lbs (20 kg) on triceps to 66 lbs (30 kg). If you’re into fitness, or a bodybuilder, don’t underestimate this, or brush it off as placebo. The women attraction thing (see below) may be placebo, but being able to lift a third more weight ain’t no placebo!


Simply put, during workouts I could go on longer, with the added intensity described in the previous paragraph. I’d start my workout at 10 AM and would leave 1 PM (effectively working out 2.5 hrs with 2 x 15 minutes break between muscle groups) yet still not feeling tired. Before nofap I would do one muscle group and I would be a couch potato for the next few hours.


My anxiety has pretty much vanished. The only time I felt it a little bit was on day 21, in a train. But after about half an hour it passed, while still being in public and in the midst of an even busier crowd.


Sometimes I would just be so happy, I really can’t describe it. Especially listening to music, OMG, it would hype me up and I’d feel this huge wave of energy just completely engulfing my body!


I haven’t had low self-esteem for years but being able to abstain for this long (even though I didn’t have many urges) did make me feel more disciplined. I’ve never seen myself as someone who lacks discipline in my profession, but personal things was a different story.


I have a bit of a baritone voice, especially in the morning and before I’ve eaten, but on nofap it became somewhat deeper.


My confidence to step up to the plate and approach people and situations has tremendously increased! In particular I made easier conversation with people where in the past I would only if I’d feel energetic (which I often wouldn’t feel anymore due to fapping several times a day).

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

I wish I could figure this one out, but I can’t. My OCD symptoms went down by about 80%.


I’ve bitten my nails since an accident I had on my 9th in which my thumbnail was crushed. I’ve never been able to fully kick the habit. I had almost zero urges to bite while on nofap. Immediately after I broke my streak the urge to bite my nails came back. I realized that the urge to bite my nails is the same as the urge to fap; escapism.

Brain fog, productivity

It was SO easy for me to get work done on nofap, my brain fog (which I always attributed to my ADHD) was completely gone and I was producing stuff like a madman. ADHD basically stopped being a condition for me.


I am adversely affected a lot by ambient noise like snoring cats (indoors), barking dogs and loud children outside, ambulances whooshing by, etc. On nofap, I still heard those sounds but they did not bother me in the slightest. This was an eye-opener for me. I also didn’t mind being distracted by people; in the past this would break my concentration but on nofap it wouldn’t.

Posture (walking upright)

I looked up, not down, on nofap, with shoulders backwards and walking upright, and would remind myself to do so in case my habit of doing the opposite crept in.

Women attraction

When I first read about this before I tried nofap I discarded it as nonsense. On my longest streak before this longest one (15 days) I had 3 encounters in one day. But after that it didn’t happen anymore. Then on this streak… well, let’s just say that there were days I thought there was something on my face or something, like a paper sign some guy had pranked me with; I’d look in the mirror and everything was fine. The attention I got from women was crazy! I need to write a separate post on this. Or ask me in the comments for details. Some of them just stared at me, but not staring at my face, but locking eyes-staring. It’s like they can smell you haven’t released for a long time. I also attribute many of the looks to me being more engaged and smiling more. But, mind you, one day I had a woman from across the street about 50 yards (meters) away smiling at and flirting with me while I was in the gym. I wasn’t even smiling, and the flirting was very apparent.

Eye contact

After several women staring me in the eyes I started actively looking women in the eyes, almost seeking them out in public. It didn’t matter if I found them attractive, it was almost as if it became a sport. And then I did the same with women I would normally avoid because I’d feel they were out of my league; my energy and confidence was so crazy high at times that it didn’t matter what kind of woman I saw, I would make eye-contact and flirt. This practice, being able to do this and realizing you’re doing this without any fricken effort… it honestly made me feel like a god, invincible. There literally is no better feeling, because it’s the* exact opposit*e of the person I was before nofap. I’ve made eye contact with men too, but not in a flirting way since I’m heterosexual.


Due to many of the aforementioned things (energy, confidence, eye contact, etc.) I found it way, WAY easier to engage people socially too. I like to make conversation more now also with people in their 60’s, 70’s, and older, and it’s interesting what they tell me.


Nofap has giving me back my appreciation of love. Romantic love, but very much also general love. For example, a friend of a friend got hospitalized, and I wanted to visit them with flowers, even though I have never talked to them before. I also feel love for my fellow citizens and even love for those who despise me. I have realized that people who hate on others are just unhappy with themselves. While I’ve heard that before, it really dawned on me after I asked myself this question: “If people would feel like I do now on nofap, would they want to be hateful towards others?”; no, they wouldn’t need to. So when a person hates on me, they are just not in a good place and I either have to try to help (love) them, or leave them to their own devices.


  • Because of my intensified workouts made possible through nofap I feel stronger, younger, and more masculine/manly!
  • ​I am receiving freelance work like it’s the easiest thing in the world. It was one of the things I wanted to attract into my life through the Law of Attraction and on nofap it worked like magic with my increased social skills and complete loss of anxiety!
  • I felt like being in control of my life, whereas before I often felt powerless. I felt like there is no goal too big to reach. But at the same time I was realistic enough to know that every big goal needs to be divided into smaller goals.
  • Sometimes I just felt a sheer euphoria when I was just getting things done, reflected on it, and realized how much stuff I crammed into one single day, whereas before I would spend hours doing you-know-what. This is THE BEST FEELING you can get! I have seen posts from chaps who say that they don’t feel anything. You have to TRANSMUTE that sexual energy into things, because that will prompt your mind to give you more of what you want by presenting you with ideas and ways to get those things that you want (basically the Law of Attraction).
  • I have improved my life in SO MANY WAYS!

*** Disadvantages details **\*


Sometimes my feelings of invincibility led me to react to others in an overly assertive manner (raised voice, strong language, no fear whatsoever). I’ve also had two times where I’d cross a bunch of rough looking guys (which I normally (before nofap) would avoid) walking in the opposite direction and I would seek out eye contact not caring if it would lead to some kind of confrontation. After the second time I reminded myself this wasn’t a healthy practice; a side effect of the overwhelmingly increased confidence.

Energy and creativity

The increased energy and creativity would sometimes keep me awake at night, either feeling like I wanted to move around and do stuff rather than sleeping, or being full of ideas that needed to be written down.

*** A word of advice **\*

Don’t see this nofap thing as a challenge, because every time you remind yourself of ‘the struggle’, such as fighting urges, you’re telling yourself you DON’T want to do it. You need to tell yourself that you are healing your mind and body, that every day you add is you going up another LEVEL! You gotta see this a computer game like Donkey Kong from the old days, where you go up a ladder to reach the next level for every day you are free from this sick addiction. That’s power man, that’s you taking control, that’s you being the man (or woman) you were destined to be!

If this gets replies, and due to the length I doubt it, it’d be great, but at the very least I hope it helps some guys (and women too perhaps) out there who are struggling.

LINK – My 30 days NoFap benefits report

by OldGeezer72