Age 45 – So it is time to transform and roll out. So go out there, spending time behind a screen is not living.

The beginning is a very delicate time..

So when you start this lifelong journey of NoPMO realise that you are a Luminous being, not these crude urges.

Know that you are unique and special and there is a power that comes from deep inside of you and every day it reaches towards the light.

Your mind is lazy, your body is lazy. You (hopefully, probably) have air, water, food, clothes a roof above your head and fake sex, why bother doing anything else.

But you have the Power to change everything. It is called a brain and free will. Your brain and body have been programmed by nature and nurture. You can reprogram yourself, you are not your thoughts. There is No fate but what we make of it

Remember people at their worst; in the Nazi-, Japanese-, Russian-death camps, in slavery. And still individuals came out and they were positive and lived happy lives.Because they knew, like Nelson Mandela who was in prison for 27 years, that true freedom is in your mind and no-one, no-one can take that from you, only you can take that away.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle

So it is time to transform and roll out. So go out there, spending time behind a screen is not living. Start gathering people and make your own Magic.

Choose to be happy. A person who’s happy will make others happy; a person who has courage and faith will never die in misery! (Anne Frank)

I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m not saying it will be painless. But that is life. So go, strive, hurt, cry, smile, live.

You do not know what will happen. You can know how you want deal with things that happen, who you want to be. Go be that person! Just do it.

It’s Time to toss the Dice.

p.s.  This is my semi-final post because I do not want to live behind a screen, any screen anymore. Learn what you need and use what you need to become what you want. Whether it is blogging, exercise, meditation, discussion, reading here. But be careful not to replace one addiction with another. I’ll probably check in once in a while to let people know I’m still true to myself.

p.p.s. born in 1974 so a child of the ’80 and ’90ties, see if you get all the references


by Bobske