Age 48 – Morning wood like a 16 year old (I haven’t gotten morning wood in years). Anxiety is much lower. I also have dystonia syndrome that is coming under control.


So 100 days on nofap and things are still getting better. Genitals have changed big time. If you haven’t started yet you will be surprised at just how much the little guy was abused after being clean for a few months. Also morning wood like a 16 year old at this point. I haven’t gotten morning wood in years. Anxiety is much lower. I also have dystonia syndrome that is coming under control. To anyone thinking about NoFap I would encourage you to do it.

I almost got triggered the other night when my wife fell asleep while we were petting. Before this would have devolved into an edging PMO binge and no sleep. This time I just kissed her, went to a different part of the house to let ” him” cool off and then went back to bed.

I think if I can make it to 6 months I will have things under control regarding all the bad stuff this does to your mind and body.

LINK – 100 days and things are still progressing.

by Westsidejimmy


Ok boys here it goes,

So I’ve been off Pmo for about a year and off MO for 140 days. Yesterday I had the experience of my own wife fawning over me.

Buckle up cause this story is going to take a minute.

My day started with a late morning burger at a local pub. They have been voted in the top 5 in the nation for the Burgers. A young woman who was one of the bartenders brought it out to me. Remember this woman for later.

Later the same evening I went for a wine walk with my wife and some of her friends. One of her friends is a tall blonde who didn’t stop talking to me all night.

This was followed up by dinner at one of my closest friends restaurants. He’s Morracan and their food and craft cocktails bring in the young and hip and the old and rich.

So I’m sitting with my wife at a table and the girl from the burger episode earlier happens to be at the bar and starts flirting with me from afar. My wife noticed immediately, by I just let it roll by. Finally the bar clears and my buddy who owns the place ushers us to seats next to him and his chef who are about to eat. The burger girl is just next to my buddy. She proceeds to push the rest of a lamb tangine over to me and says ” This is amazing, I can’t handle any more”. To which I reply “This is the second time you’ve fed me today”. All of the sudden I notice my wife is being super affectionate. She couldn’t wait to get home.

The evening ended with a session with the wife. I still had a headache after, but going out and not being a creeper is magnetic.