Age 53 – More confidence. Greater concentration. Deeper voice. Anxiety disappeared. No more depression. I feel younger


Hello I am a Spanish man and today I do 80 days of semen retention. First of all I want to thank the nofap community and ask for forgiveness for my bad English. My benefits are.

  • More confidence in myself
  • Rápid growth of hair and beard
  • More strength in the gym
  • Greater concentration capacity
  • Deeper voice
  • Anxiety disappears
  • There is not depression
  • People look at me with admiration
  • I look younger
  • I feel younger
  • The bleeding in the gums disappears
  • Morning wood
  • I can to control my impulses
  • Ánger control
  • Greater capacity for comunicación with others persons and God

LINK – 80 days nofap

by caponato