Age 54 – Feeling calmer, more confident, better mood, no brain fog, enjoying the little things

I finally made it to 30 days after some failures. What worked for me?

1) Discipline is key.
Avoid triggers – suggestive content in any form.
What classifies as “suggestive” is relatively easy to find out – whatever starts making you aroused – this can be anything ranging from Netflix movies to Instagram models to YouTube videos etc.
Avoid sexual thoughts as much as possible. When they occur, force them away.
Avoid touching your D as much as possible.

2) Fill the void with more meaningful content – books, news, sports (in my case it was going to the gym 5x per week). I’ve seen many TED talks in the past 30 days and some are actually very relevant for getting rid of this addiction.

3) Read nofap stories every day – for me, the success stories and the SO stories were the most helpful. I guess I have over-done this a little bit and will cut it down over time.

4) Focus on normal things in your life – enjoy conversations with other people, work, fun activities, family activities, travel, going out with friends etc.

5) Focus on the present day but be aware that the goal is to stay clean forever.

6) Focus on the end goal (whatever it is for you) and why you want to live without P and M.

7) Go to bed at a decent time (for me around midnight) and try to sleep 7 hours

8) Eat healthy, drink at least 1.5 l of water every day

A lot of things improved for me – I wouldn’t call these superpowers but all in all, I have seen benefits in many areas:

  • Getting work done and enjoy working
  • Feeling better, more calm, less stressed, more confident, better mood, no brain fog
  • Enjoying the little things in life more (like the sunshine outside, music, good food)
  • Muscle growth, better skin, better hair, deeper voice
  • Better sleep

I clearly see that this is just the start of my journey and actually there is no magic 60 pr 90 or 120 days where I will be completely healed. I learned to understand that I will always be one step away from failure but to be honest, this is OK as long as you know it.

What is key in this process is that you have to learn what your triggers are and once you learned that, avoid them as much as possible.

I hope, some of these lessons learned will be helpful for others. Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post.


by over50