Age 57 – More confident, loving, accepting; Better focus, energy, self-acceptance, mood

Just a quick share to state that I’m an older addict (mid-fifties) whom has a professional working life, but always carried the secret of a nasty PMO habit.

Ok so I’ve just made 35 days with nothing: no prn, no edging , no mb, no viewing.

Benefits: More confident, more loving personality, more real, more accepting, better focus, more energy, happier for no real reason, more self-acceptance, improved mood.

No I haven’t had woman falling at my feet, but have noticed more random smiles and also I’m far more confident in holding a conversation.

Clean time has helped me view the habit as the sickness that it is. I have been very sick. The damage to my brain will take awhile to repair…but at least it has started.

Downside? Just the stupid, problematic thoughts that intrude on my daily life….that’s the sickness trying to get back in…because my brain misses the dopamine hit. It’s just my brain that’s all..not some evil demon.

I’m going to hold the course and see where the journey takes me. I’m leaving it to God to navigate, and letting go of the outcome. Oh, and mediation helps a lot..calms everything and is healthy self- intimacy. I’m frightened of relapsing….because the first week is always so awful…..just have to remind myself of that.

Thanks for reading. Regards. J5

LINK – 35 days hard mode. First time in 28 years.

by Jerome5