Age 57 – Social anxiety down, relationship with wife closer physically and emotionally


The thing that has helped me the most is to learn all I can about porn addiction, PMO, rebooting, re-wiring, etc. Check out and for some fantastic information. Watch all the videos and read the inspiring success stories.

I would suggest to decide on a goal. Then set some strict rules that you think will get you there.

For me, the goal is to be cured of porn-induced sexual problems. (ED, DE)

My rules are simple:

I will not look at porn for the rest of my life. Period. I will not masturbate, as I want to be cured. Period. I will not O until I am able to O inside my wife. Period.

If I were to do any of those three, even for one second, I would reset my counter and start over at zero. (But that’s not going to happen.)

So educate yourself, set a goal, set rules, stay strong, NO PMO, follow your rules and DO NOT RELAPSE.

Also, find other things to do: Meditate, Exercise, Go for walks in nature.

Anything to keep your eyes off the pixels and your hands off your junk.

I used to be very anxious. Sometimes I could barely go out of the house. Now I’m much calmer in public and way less irritable with people.

Also, my wife and I are closer, both physically and emotionally than we’ve been in a long time.

Still need more time on the physical issues (ED/DE) but I’m strong, patient, and willing to wait.

LINK – 95 days – Just some thoughts

By 57yrold