Age 60 – I’m now making love to my ex-wife for the first time in my life

I’m not going to drag this out long. Clean your soul for success. I have been trying to quit PMO for the longest time. Yes, I am 60 years old and I quit.

I starting a nutritional balance and developing program and within two months I was making love to my ex-wife for the first time in my life, not a memory of porn.

I’m retracing all my steps and will follow up on my success. I have no interest in porn once I cleaned up my diet and put no porn blockers on. but there was something different this time. I cleansed my soul. This is the secret. This is the game changer. Your soul. The best thing I did was let my little secret out. I told anyone that would listen.

I’m a jackoffer. I jacked off to pixels of porn. I had no respect for woman. I hated my wife, my life, my self, and my soul!!! I am not cured, just aware. This is a breakthrough. I will share with all.

We are all needed to grow this country strong and defend our relationships. You will heal. I guarantee it. Our women need us to be strong. Don’t give way to this addiction.

LINK – Pied cured quickly! 2 months? Nutritional balance and development program

By Averagejoe47