Age 62 – I no longer have to use fantasy and pills to stay aroused

Hi, I am a 62 year old man and learned about sex by my dad leaving his playboy magazine lying around….I did not have the sex talk…..I had great parents just old school! Needless to say my minds images of women were a bit misguided…..As I got older never really watched a lot of porn but did masturbate often to visions In those magizines….when I got a girlfriend and started having sex there was no need for porn…so from age 20 to 42 I needed no porn. When my wife started performing in Vegas and was gone from home for a week or two at a time, I would go the adult bookstore video arcade and pmo… when her band performed in china for 3 months my pmo and masturbation went crazy! I was still able to perform but something was not right…..when I got a smartphone the need to go to video arcades were replaced by internet porn….from that point on my sexual performance went downhill….without supplements or porn fantasy visions I could not stay hard….I asked my wife to clean out my phone and she found all the past porn I’d watch! It hurt my best friend and the love of my life hard! Luckily, she researched the whole addiction to porn and found the book….Your Brain on Porn….after reading that book I realized how porn affects the nerves just like drugs and alcohol…..I am on day 56 of a reboot and had proof of reconnecting with my wife on day 45 when we had sex on vacation and I had no porn visions no supplements and most importantly an erection that stayed hard during penetration…..Rebooting Works……I have given up porn, looking at sexy pictures of any kind and sex fantasizing! I know I have a long way to go but I will be back to a normal sex life!

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By – Cmax