Age 62 – Intimacy with my wife has improved. I am able to look women in the eye, relieved not to have to scan them up and down.


After 35 days of nofap, l feel a bit qualified but not entirely confident to tell my story. I have been addicted to porn for as long as l can remember. Porn has soothed me through rough patches of life, marriage and career. Seems that the escape of porn or masturbation (often a larger problem) relieves the anxiety life may create.

And being married to a courageous woman who had been sexually abused creates not only complications, but also excuses for using porn.

Think about it. It got to the point that porn and masturbation polluted my brain. Pornographic scenes played over and over in my imagination. Rebooting is the right term. But the hardest part of abstaining for me was the notion that masturbation and sexual thoughts are normal, natural. Unfortunately, that’s a cop-out for abusing one’s mind and body.

Since I’ve gone over 30 days, the “scenes” in my head have vanished. I am able to look women in the eye and l am relieved not to have to scan them up and down. Intimacy with my wife has improved, as has her trust in me. I show her my nofap challenges as proof of my resolve.

I don’t know if my story is of any help to anyone reading this. I do know the work and monitoring of daily success has changed my life, increased my self esteem and made me a better husband and father.

Rock on…

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by Bill4ever