Almost 500 days – The “super power benefits”

I am nearly 500 days in, so I give myself permission to talk about “super powers” after nearly 1.5year of hardmode.

  1. Confidence. I’ll talk with anyone I find interesting and truly don’t care what they think. Got a pretty girl’s number at the gym I found interesting. We had a lot of chats at the gym, so I thought why not invite for a cup of coffee?

Didn’t really sound too enthusiastic so I deleted her from my contacts even though she first wanted to go out. I don’t have time for bullshit anymore.

  1. Something to do with nr1. Made a lot of new friends I can trust, and who actually ask how I am doing. Managed to cut a lot of idiots out from my life which I am happy are out.
  2. More energy. Don’t feel tired or depressed.
  3. Might be as big as an achievement as going 500 days in nofap.

I quit gaming, which I did for MANY years because I most likely was depressed and didn’t feel like doing anything else. Didn’t play because I enjoyed it, but because I had nothing better to do. My days are full of stuff to do, and I am rarely bored.

  1. Concentration and focus. If I set a goal, I’ll complete it no matter what. If it sounds hard at first, I’ll just remember how hard I fought to get to nearly 500 days in nofap and it all looks suddenly easy.
  2. I can give my phone out to anyone because I have NOTHING to hide
  3. Better life quality, I’ve never been happier. And I am certainly not feeling like going back and starting from day 1, week 1.

(made a post with my top 10 nofap tips for a good streak, at day 300) check my history.

LINK – Almost 500 days in. The “super power benefits”

by LightAtEnd