Almost 60 days – Benefits. NoFap is real!

Share with everyone my observations.

It has been close to 60 days of NoFap.

  1. Better Memory, Longer memory retention. Notably, my mind will not drift off during meetings, and I could recall meeting details
  2. More focus. My mind won’t drift away
  3. More energetic in the mornings. I would usually wake up in the mornings feeling lethargic. But no longer. I realised I could wake up at 430am, reach office by 7am, and work till 8pm, and still feeling energetic! In the past, I would be dragging my feet into office at 930 am and feeling devastated at 4pm.
  4. More motivated. See point 3.
  5. I would ignore what others think about me. In the past I would be concerned about what other think of me. But strangely, I don’t care about others anymore
  6. Lesser negative thoughts. Yes. I became more positive. Lesser complaints about life!
  7. I would boldly ask ladies out without giving too much 2nd thoughts. And I don’t give a shit about what they think. If they rejected me, it’s their loss
  8. Greater self confidence! For some reason, when I speak to big wigs, they listen. They are interested. In the past, I don’t seem to get any of their attention. Is it because I project confidence or is it the way I speak has change? I do not know.
  9. I am more mindful of my outward appearance. Strangely, I am more meticulous in how I look in front of others. I would spend more time taking care of my hair, my skin. I don’t give so much attention to my outward appearance in the past. But notably I realised after nofap, i began to stop giving a shit about my clothing. Weird. Is this due to confidence?
  10. Brain Fog is gone! I have better clarity of thoughts now. I am more focused in my tasks and I have greater picture what I want to do!

Now to the downsides – I am still suffering from limping dick syndrome. It been almost a month. My little brother is still 90% dead sometimes, I don’t feel it at times. It has shrunk and shriveled. But I still get morning woodies.

​Oh, I still watch porn once in a while, but I dont get turn on nor do I get hard. I don’t fap to it anymore. Should I stop watching porn?

​Tell me your experiences! Seeking your advice.

LINK – Almost 60 days – Benefits. NoFap is real!

by Lmaxstronaut