Amazing new friends, blue-belt, published papers, graduated with high honors

I had a 2+ year streak, starting in college, and it changed my life. Honestly, after a few months, I didn’t even think about NoFap anymore. I was living life the way it was supposed to be lived.

I made amazing friends who shared my values and excitement for life, got a blue belt in BJJ, published academic research papers and made a name for myself in my field, and just recently graduated with my engineering degree with high honors.

I found that the mental control and tranquility from quitting PMO vastly benefited my performance in academics. I was able to mindfully digest and synthesize information unlike ever before. It truly made me a better thinker and problem solver.

I also recently got into the best engineering graduate school in the world, and I thank the mental benefits of NoFap for helping me do so. Last week I moved to the new city that I’ll be spending the next few years working on my PhD.

The past month, however, I let the hectic stress of moving and finishing my degree kick me off the NoFap train. I moved back to my parents house for a month to pack some belongings before my big move, and I think a combination of the lonliness and boredom sparked old urges. I found some old Sports Illustrated magazines, and I blew up all over them.

I didn’t even think about what I did, I didn’t think about 2 years of progress going down the drain. I didn’t feel bad, so I visited some old porn sites and reverted to my old ways for the remainder of December.

I moved last week, and got everything set up in my new place. I don’t have any friends in this new city (it’s very far away), so I didn’t do anything for New Year’s. It was both sad and relaxing. I had the biggest urge to PMO out of boredom, but then I realized something; I’m about to start a new chapter of my life, and looked at everything I’ve accomplished the past couple years with my healthy porn-free mind. Did I really want to lose all of that going into graduate school in a new city?

I took a walk and watched some fireworks, thinking about everything I’ve accomplished with 2 years of a healthy mind. I’ve witnessed and benefited from the power of clean and clear thoughts, free from the plague of porn addiction and depression.

I decided that I need to keep my mind healthy, and I need to kick more ass now than I ever have. This is only the beginning, and I’m resetting my clock anew this year.

I wish other fresh starters good luck as well. Just remember that it’s okay to be bored. Sit and stare at a wall if you have to, but realize that that’s infinitely more healthy than PMO.

EDIT: TL;DR: 2+ year streak greatly benefited my mind and I accomplished many goals, but then I relapsed, and then realized that I want to keep my healthy mind.

LINK – Resetting the clock after 2 years.

By AdventureMan5000