Anxiety drastically reduced, Weight normalized, Sense of humour is back

Since there are some non-believers on this forum, I would like to mention some of my progress on these 3 months:

1-Hair density-While PMO-ing I used to have unhealthy hair. So, I bought a bottle of argan oil.€38. After No Fap the results were the same. [Now] My hair is dense even without argan oil.

2-No Anxiety-I ended my dose of ssri’s and after 6 months off, my anxiety wasn’t improving. Seroxat was good, but it wasn’t a solution. Like all ssri’s, it made me numb. I couldn’t even cry. [Since] No Fap my anxiety is reduced drastically. People around me feel the difference. My sense of humour is back now. I socialize more and I don’t give a fuck what will expect me in the future. I live the present. I cut off toxic people. I smile more, like small details and I don’t act like an apathetic guy.

3-Confident-I am not feeling like Casanova or sth like that, but girls see me more. I don’t see them as much as before from behind. I am not objectifying them anymore and this is weird.

4-No more swearing-I couldn’t believe that I was such an uneducated scum. In family, in school, everywhere. With No Fap everything changed for better.

5-More sharp mentally and focused-I could easily complete simple tasks while on No Fap. I was so so lazy before with PMO. [Now] I even clean my house(I know that is not such big deal).

6-Immunity-No colds, no allergies (allergic to dust).

7 -Weight gain-Before No Fap I was 59.9 kg. Also, I used to eat 5 times per day. After No Fap I could barely eat 3 times per day and I was really shocked when I resulted 62.5 kg. Without doing nothing extra. I swear.

Trust the process guys.

Let’s do this. Thank you, GOD.

LINK – 83 days

by Kol12345678